Additional strategies for Internet promotions of your business

Internet promotion of your business takes lot of effort on your part. Businesses are using many different practices and tactics to get noticed on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and other social media sites. More time you spend to find ways to reach customers, your business will be successful. Here are two additional ways that you can use to promote your business on the Internet.

You can use press releases to your advantage. A new way to get your business noticed on the Web. They are intended to get media attention and rebroadcast your story. If you provide access and unlimited copyright content may even republish your press release. Look for sites such as for press releases for free. Others may charge for you to post press releases.

Make use of Web directories. Google Web directories can be used at a discounted rate. It may be a time consuming effort. Other directories that you can use include DMOZ owned by AOL and industry specific sites such as FindLaw may be your best bet. One added advantage is backlinks that they provide to traffic to your Web page. Since backlinks can overwhelm your Web page, use a reputed one to weed out junk.