Reaching More Customers With Wearable Technology Apps

Increased public interest recently in the field of “wearable tech” will likely inspire a growing interest in app development in Los Angeles during the next decade. The ability to communicate between a mobile device worn as a piece of jewelry, and a mobile phone, holds great value. For instance, perhaps in the near future, more Internet-connected pendants or rings will signal a wearer about important incoming email and instruct the individual to check an iPhone for further information.

Ads seeking “iphone app developers Los Angeles” already testify to the important role performed by software application developers in Southern California. As wearable technology becomes popular, Los Angeles will enjoy some advantages as a center for development activity in this new field. With Silicon Valley just a comparatively short distance away, and a vibrant Hollywood entertainment and film industry attracting the interest of fashion designers, the City of Angels appears well-suited to capitalize extensively upon the growth of the wearable tech industry.

Watch for ongoing exciting developments in mobile application development Los Angeles as new startups continue to enter the field of wearable technology. Already, talented designers have crafted jewelry, watches and eyeglasses that permit connectivity. A recent breakthrough in the development of a small radar-equipped chip by Google’sProject Soli suggests that soon technology embedded into items of clothing or personal accessories will gain more media attention. These developments will boost app development in L.A.!


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