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Tips for Designing Emails for Mobile

Written by eTargetMedi Several factors can influence the success of an email marketing campaign. It’s important to work with companies such as …

Why We Secretly Hate Your Emails (And What You Can Do About It)

Ok, I admit it…I’ve been a militant emailer for years. Whether it was requiring updates from employees, discussing strategy with partners, ordering from vendors, etc. I considered my emails as THE way to communicate and get things done, especially when working remotely. I’d get frustrated when emails were ignored or not comprehended and couldn’t understand why other professionals would take them so lightly. Yes, I’d read Tim Ferriss’s 4HWW and knew that some people were trying to cut back on their email consumption, limiting their time responding/sending emails, etc…but they shouldn’t do that to ME, I thought. What I didn’t realize before starting was that some people loathed getting emails from me and their poor response rate was a secret rebellion in protest. Others have been writing about this as well, including such well-known bloggers as Seth Godin and Chris Anderson giving us email checklists and setting out to create an email charter

Understanding Email Marketing Plans

Email marketing is a recent technique and for most marketers email marketing means spam. On the contrary, if done right, email marketing …