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3 Reasons Why Viewers Hate Your Online Videos – A SPN Exclusive Article

Online video marketing – it’s the latest and greatest addition to internet marketing. If you create your online videos the right way, viewers will get excited about your products and services – and, more importantly, they’ll think of you as an expert in your niche. But if you create your online videos the wrong way, they’ll do the exact opposite! Sadly, far too many of the online videos out there fall into the second category. So, why do viewers hate your online videos? And what can you do to make them better? 1. Because the Background is Distracting No one wants to see the clutter on your desk, the drawing your kid made in school (no matter how cute it may be!), or sunlight streaming through the window that’s blinding everyone who’s trying to look at you.

5 Myths About Creating Video Content

Video is arguably the most powerful way to send your message across to an audience, yet it is surprising that such a small percentage of people use it both for their web content and marketing materials. This is perhaps due to a number of misconceptions that people have when it comes to creating video content, which are clarified below: 1. You Need To Spend A Lot: You may have seen or at least heard about companies that will produce your video for you, but charge an absolute fortune to do it (well, what the average person would consider a fortune). It’s not a necessity to get it professionally done – just take a look at the majority of videos on YouTube. Use your friend’s camera, or just record straight into the computer with a webcam. 2. It Needs To Be High Quality: The content of your video is what matters most – as long as this is helpful to somebody then there’s no reason it should look like it cost a million dollars. Don’t worry so much about your poor acting ability (or your friend’s poor acting ability), or whether the picture is too grainy – as long as the sound is okay then just about everything else is pretty trivial