Three Excuses That Cause You to Fail in Internet Marketing

Many of us are excited at the thought of working from home and making “lots” of money. This is not a dream; in fact, it can be quite real if approached in the correct manner. Going to Internet marketing seminars and workshops can get you motivated and help you get started, but once at home, you have to get down to the business end of things and that’s when the motivation starts to fizzle out. This is where the three worst excuses start appearing and causing everything to fail.

1. “This method is not working; it isn’t generating results fast enough”.
2. “I can’t be bothered doing it now; maybe tomorrow”
3. “I can’t do this by myself; let me wait until I find someone who can teach me”

Are these excuses familiar? If they do, then it is time to stop being negative and give everything an almighty positive push. You can easily turn the negatives described above into positives that will bring your success in your online venture.

1. Perseverance – “This method is working slowly, let me keep at it and see if the results start building up”. No method will work straight off the blocks; you have to keep at it until you build up some momentum.
2. Urgency – “If I don’t do it now, I will never do it and I will fail”. Put some fear into your efforts, this will help you prioritize your tasks.
3. Self-motivation – “I can’t do this by myself, so let me find out how I can”. The internet is the mother of all resource libraries, so use it! If you do not know how to do something, Google will help you to find it. Never fear the unknown.

Therefore, as you can see, turning the negatives into positives requires only a slight difference in the way you approach matters. Try these suggestions in your ventures and see how they work for you.

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