Internet Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing in today’s world is much different from years past with the advent of social networking and blogs. By implementing the fundamentals of internet marketing to promote and sell, you have a greater chance of success. Social networking, blogging, radio and television interviews, book signing events and news releases are among the most valuable marketing tools available. By joining social networks, you have the opportunity to contact more people and promote yourself to more people than ever before.

Host a website, post short content about your product or services several times weekly. Many traditional authors and self-published authors self promote on website months before a book release to the public. Promoting on your website offers many benefits. Blog about what you know, present yourself as an expert on your product or services and post short content daily or several times a week. One of the most important benefits to the blogger is gaining consumer confidence. Consumer confidence equal dollars spent at your website on products or services. Self promote on social networks. Post on websites as a guest or expert. Request and accept online interviews.

News releases, considered among the top five marketing tools is simply a mail-out of promotional sheets, and newsletters promoting products, services. Solicit interviews by contacting either internet or local radio and television stations, verbally give the station manager a short bio, your product or services and let him, or she know you are available for an interview. Consider internet radio as a source for marketing.