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10 Twitter Rules for Business Success

As far as I am concerned, Twitter is a must have for business; whether you are using Twitter to promote your business or to establish your expertise, it is a crucial piece of the puzzle to getting recognized and building relationships. But with all the clutter in the Twitterverse, it’s important not to ignore the etiquette of Twitter, otherwise you might find that you are not getting the most of this popular social networking platform. Top 10 Twitter Etiquette Tips for Business 1. Listen to Your Mother and Mind Your Manners This is just good common sense.

Zuckerberg In Critical Condition

No, Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t been in a car accident or been hurt in any way. As far as we know, he’s probably hanging out, drinking some carrot juice at his Palo Alto mansion, but his social media empire might not be faring so well. There’s no denying that Facebook changed the entire online landscape and rose up quicker than we could have all expected or even imagined. However, Beanie Babies revolutionized the entire stuffed animal market and became somewhat of a cultural icon of the day. Do you see store merchants struggling to keep these collector items on the shelves? That’s what I thought. If trends continue along this path, will Facebook even be in existence 5 years from now? As 80% of Facebook’s revenue is generated from advertising, it is clear that businesses have, in the recent past, entrusted Facebook to reach niche markets and increase exposure of product or service offerings. The rate of growth in the number of new Facebook users from July 2010 to March 2011 was a staggering 8.38 users per second

Using Amazon to Read Your Site Visitors’ Minds

One of the easiest ways to grow a business is also one of the most overlooked. Many of us want the latest marketing strategies or traffic tricks to grow our business. But the truth is the easiest way to grow your business, without spending a penny, is hiding right under your nose. The answer is in the people who visit your web site… Knowing your site visitors better than they know themselves is the easiest way to grow your business.