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3D printed cars could soon be a reality

A 3D-printed car, described as the ‘greenest car ever made’, could be set to embark on a coast-to-coast journey across the US in 2015. Urbee 2 weighs just 1,200 pounds thanks to the 3D printed plastic which makes up its shell and interior. The car’s developers believe the journey from San Francisco to New York would only require 10 gallons of ethanol fuel. Despite not having a maximum speed, its creators say it will mainly drive at speeds of 40mph or less with the help of its electric motor. The hybrid engine, however, will enable the driver to utilise fuel in order to travel at higher speeds

BMW announce three-level track for Frankfurt Motor Show

Motorists and car insurance policy holders heading to the Frankfurt Motor Show will now have the chance to test drive the latest vehicles from German car giant BMW on their purpose-built 300-metre indoor track. The track, part of BMW’s 10,000 square meter exhibition space at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, allows visitors to test drive some 24 vehicles – including BMW’s first all-electric offering, the i3 hatchback, priced at 34,950 euros (

Local Business Owners Accuse Yelp of Foul Play

Yelp has been accused over the years of everything from aggressive advertising to extortion by business owners across America. The website boasts 108 million monthly visitors and a total of 42 million reviews posted to date.

Ripoff Report Verified May Give Businesses an Edge

Ripoff report is starting a new program in May called Ripoff Report Verified to give businesses the chance to resolve disputes in 14 days before negative reviews are posted for a hefty $90 per month. This may have a positive effect on their Google and Bing rankings.

Submit Express Recent Press Coverage

Submit Express has been popping up in current press coverage — have you been paying attention? Online writers like Lana Bandoim, Frank Bergman, Bill Richards, and Andrew Moran have all mentioned Submit Express in their recent writings about the search engine optimization and Internet marketing industries.