Tips for Turning Your Emails Viral

 photo Tips-for-Turning-Your-Emails-Viral_zpsenjol6jm.pngWritten by eTargetMedia.

It’s easy to think about viral content as only being the things that are shared on social media — such as YouTube videos or stories on popular websites. But any content can be viral as long as it’s the type of content that gets shared from person to person and spreads quickly. This includes marketing emails — if done correctly, an email can get forwarded again and again and reach people far beyond the original recipient list.

This type of email can help you to go far beyond your original goals for conversion rates. So how do you go about making your emails viral? Here are a few suggestions:

Keep Your Emails to One Subject

If you try to touch on several topics (or products) in one email, you are limiting the ability for the email to go viral. People don’t want to have to explain to friends or co-workers what part of an email they need to be reading. They simply want to hit forward.

Create Intriguing But Clear Email Subject Lines

You want your email subject lines to be engaging and draw the recipient into opening the email. At the same time, being too “cute” with the subject line often means not directly stating what the email is about. You always want to make sure that the topic of the email is clearly spelled out in the subject line so readers know what to expect when they open it.

Personalized Content Gets Shared

People want to share content when they feel like it is targeted toward them. You can do this by addressing the email to the person by name rather than a generic greeting. Working with email marketing companies such as eTargetMedia can help you to create strategies to easily personalize your emails.

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