Article marketing: Developing a Good Resource Box

Article marketing is a great way for you to promote yourself and create a reputation. While it is essential that the content you provide is useful, insightful and well written you should also keep in mind that your calling card should hold true in these matters as well. The calling card in this instance is the resource box that you place at the end of the article.

Developing a good resource box is as crucial as the article; after all this is what will compel a user to follow you back to your own website. Don’t waste your time selling your product here, instead sell yourself and sell it well. Here are some points for you to consider in this regard.

1. Identity – Your name should be established clearly. Surprisingly many people skip this in favor of pushing their product and their links.
2. Bio – Your bio should be brief. If your article does not convince them that you are an expert in what you are writing about, a bio is not going to change their opinion. Make it short and effective.
3. Attract – Instead of saying “visit my website” or something similar, give them a compelling reason to go there. Offer freebies that the reader will be interested in which will keep them coming back to your site after the first visit.
4. Domain – There is nothing too wrong with as long as you are Steve Jobs. But if you are not such a well known personality, a domain name which has “internetmarketingtips” or “free-real-estate-advice” for example is more compelling for the reader to click on.
5. Succinct – Usually article directories limit the amount of characters that can be used in the resource box. Use the space wisely.
6. Accentuate – Use characters like ==> or >>> in front of the URL to accentuate it.
7. Hyperlinks – Try to hyperlink keywords and phrases in your text back to your website. This practice will also improve your standings in search results. However you should keep in mind that article directories sometimes limit the number of hyperlinks you can have in the resource box, so once again use this technique wisely.

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