Article marketing: Writing Attractive Headlines

Content is King in article marketing, but no one will see the content if the headline does not attract readers. “A comprehensive discourse on piscatorial product promotion methods” is a nice enough title if you are looking to attract old English professors who are interested in starting a website to sell fishing tackle online, but the rest of the online population will probably pass up on reading it.

Keep in mind that your article headline will pop up in a list of many articles, so it has to engage the reader immediately and effectively for them to select it. So your title should:

1. make it clear what the article is about
2. get the reader’s attention
3. not focus only on keywords
4. be search engine friendly
5. be accurate

An example of a not-so-obvious bad title would be “Little Rock guitar tutor: 5 things to look for”. The article deals with tips for finding a guitar tutor, not specifically guitar tutors in Little Rock. The location should be used only when the article specifically targets a location; for example “How to hail a New York Taxi Cab”.

There are three types of titles that you can experiment with which are popular and have a high rate of success due to their search engine friendly format.

1. How to – “How to oven roast a duck”, “How to create your own napkin rings in ten minutes”, etc
2. Top 10, 50, 100 – “Top 10 Cookie recipes”, “Top 10 Guitarists of all time”, etc.
3. Keyword – This is a tricky concept and should be used with care. Keywords should only be a part of your headline and should be used appropriately.
Always keep in mind that your headline is the “worm on the hook”, the better the bait the better the catch.

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