Developing Analytics on Employee Performance

If you run a business, you know how important it is to do payroll accurately and on time. Payroll has legal consequences if it is not delivered on time. It’s also an important part of an employer’s taxes for the year, so noting and paying hours worked accurately is something everyone benefits from.

With new time and attendance systems, even management can get involved with employee time tracking. The process can help make the department more efficient and help improve collaboration amongst employees in-house.

Bring Time Tracking Online

HR departments across the nation are finding that cloud-based solutions for employees can offer significant benefit to businesses. For one, they are more secure than maintaining a database for yourself. A time clock online is also easier for HR to correct if there has been some kind of error, like an employee who forgets to login or does not have access for whatever reason. Employees can log hours from their terminals too. This makes it easier to get the day started, which has an impact on productivity. Some of these applications even have additional software that helps with collaboration, like messengers or cloud storage.

Online time tracking also helps employers monitor overtime hours, and relieves employers of regulatory costs in maintaining their own hours.

Redefine Goals

The goals of upper management are often not clear to those working “in the trenches.” The clearer you are with goals for low-level employees to meet, the better your chances of meeting those goals. Make sure that the goals are specific in a way that everyone in the department can understand, and they you can easily measure performance towards those goals. Reward employee performance however you feel is best. Raises are usually the best way to appreciate a job well done, but you can thank everyone who worked together to make the project happen.

The advantage to tracking progress towards goals is fairly obvious, but it has a hidden benefit too. It gets upper-management thinking in terms of specific goals for the year or for the quarter, which is ultimately how a business scales well. You need to be forward thinking in your approach, and tracking goals is one way to do that.

Final Thoughts

Technology has had a major impact in the practice of time keeping, one that benefits employer and employee. Upgrading your time machine is a more efficient way of tracking employee performance. It also gets everyone on staff to think more about what their hours worked really mean to overall production.
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