Benefits of Online Time Clock Software

Written by Allied Time

The online time clock system offers several benefits compared to the traditional punch clock machine. Punch clock machines tend to be expensive during acquisition and maintenance. It is also quite inconvenient when it comes to payroll processing. Online systems ensure the secure storage of information in a database or cloud network.

Time saving

The automation of time track and payroll information enable managers and human resource departments to save a considerable amount of time. Reports can also be generated to determine the attendance habits of employees.

Internet Accessible

The major benefit of an online employee time clock is the ready accessibility. This enables the gathering and analyzing of data from different locations and sometimes in real time.

Integration with Payroll Systems

Reports and raw timesheet data can easily be shared with these systems. Some systems also allow data to be sent across several formats such as PDF or Rich Text Formats.

Managing more with less overhead

Time clock online systems allow managers to get more access to information and data at a minimal cost. For instance, they can manage employee information, timesheet entries and the number of off days that the employee is eligible for. This makes work planning easier.

Quick and easy installation

Compared to the punch clock system, online time clocks are easy to install and the set up generally takes less time.

Allied Time specializes in providing Online time clock solutions for businesses, enabling employers and employees to track working hours along with other features. The system also have a cloud-based timekeeping feature.