How to Get Real Traffic to Your Blog

Targeted traffic is what keeps your blog running, and getting those visitors is a full-time job. A strong content generation strategy is the foundation, but knowing where to place those articles to achieve maximum exposure also helps. If you’re looking for genuine traffic to your blog, read on for some tips.


If you want to increase targeted website traffic, focus on specific keywords in your headline. Keyword rich headlines are good for search engines, because they help give an idea of what the text on the page contains. The headline is also your first point of contact, and the thing that will get you noticed as you are passed around social media. Your headline should reflect the content of your article, but it should entice the reader to read deeper as well. Effective headlines ask questions or provide statements of fact that are surprising.

Cross Promotion

Building a cordial relationship with a fellow blogger on Twitter is one of the best things you can do to get more views on your blog. Comment on the links they post, and directly @reply to their tweets to try and get their attention. Once you have built a relationship, post interesting content they can relate to. The beauty of Twitter is that your messages can be picked up by any of your followers, so you can amplify your traffic just by posting.


Putting your content into multimedia form helps spread your reach to other networks. Your blog doesn’t have to be the only source of traffic for visitors, and leveraging other networks increases your reach. Funnel visitors to a YouTube video or a slideshow presentation to help spread your ideas around in a more visual format. You get more links pointing back to your site, and visitors can consume content from the networks they trust. Infographics are also succinct methods of delivering information to your audience, and they have the advantage of being potentially viral.

Paid Traffic

You can get real traffic to your website from a variety of paid sources, which have a few advantages over organic traffic. For starters, a paid traffic source often has categories for you to better target your traffic. You can also set budgets that automatically match you up with visits based on the amount of money you have to spend. If you want to keep your costs low, work on relevancy! If your landing page syncs up with your ad, you are more likely to convert.


This guest post was written on behalf of Trafix Tech, a website traffic generation company specializing in viral traffic to websites.