Increasing Your Conversion Rate

Generating traffic to your website is always the primary concern once you have got your website up and running. But all that traffic you generate will mean nothing if you cannot generate any sales. Of course there is a step that is between traffic generation and sales, and that is conversions.

Conversions can be anything from a Sale (the best conversion of all) to an inquiry, newsletter signup, download from the site, etc. Getting people into the conversion category is the first significant step you make towards a sale, because this gives you a “foot in the door”. Once you form a link with potential customers, you can keep in contact in various ways so that they will remember you first when they think about a product that you sell. The following are a few simple tips to keep in mind to increase conversion rates:

Identify your target audience – Once you do this, customize the pages to suit this particular audience. Having a general page that caters to all will not do you any great favors. Selling your product on that page is actually a secondary objective while forming a connection with the user is the primary objective you should focus on.

Choices, choices, choices – This is great if you are running a mega mall. Since you are not, cut down the choices. Having a few focused products to choose from will really work for you. The other thing to concentrate on is to make the page “idiot proof”. Everything must be simple and to the point, where the user does not get confused.

Be irresistible – Your call for action must be so tempting that they will be compelled to give something as simple (in their minds) as their contact details/email address in return. This is all you need in order to begin your relationship with that user.

If all these sounds too complicated, then you may consider hiring a Top SEO Firm.

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