Mistakes Made in Social Media Marketing

If you’re the owner of a business, you probably know that it’s very important to use regular PR (radio, print and TV exposure) to make sure your name is heard by customers all the time. The latest outlet for your PR efforts is Social Media Marketing and when you combine it with regular PR campaigns, it can give you the chance to penetrate the marketplace easier and faster.

Wondering what Social Media Marketing is? It’s about using different social networks to boost your brand. A social network is just a site where people can meet online. If you know Match.com, a social network is similar, but more towards business people. Such a site has a lot of professionals, looking to find other with interests in the same field as them. Both blogs and social networks have become very important in the last year, overcoming email as the main form of communication that people use. At the same time, the amount of time people spend on sites like these increases faster than the growth of the internet.

The first mistake that some make is that they don’t put a single face online. Basically, the image that people see when they assemble all the information that they get about you online should be coherent. You shouldn’t create more than one Facebook account for example. Only one should represent you.
The second mistake is collecting friends. Create a network of people around your business that are interested in what you have to offer. Don’t add 20 year old people to your network when your target demographic is 30 years old.

The third mistake is giving out messages that are wrong. The messages that you give out should serve your purpose. Don’t tell people that you’re watching movies and eating some popcorn when you’re on the company’s account. They don’t care and it doesn’t help your company one bit. Instead, post great advice and tips.