Order Fulfillment Services for Your Business

Written by USA2Me

Do you own a business outside of the US, such as in Canada, Europe, or Asia? Do you want to grow your business and start selling your products to customers in the USA? Whether you’re a foreign retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer, reaching a U.S. audience can be a challenge for your business.

One of the biggest challenges is cost. It costs much more to ship a product internationally than it does to ship something domestically. In addition to cost, it might be difficult for you to store, handle, and ship your products without actually being in the U.S. This is especially true for companies interested in opening a warehouse in the states.

Although there are many challenges for foreign companies that want to market their products in the US, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact there are many new services designed to help companies in this exact situation. What if there was a way to ship your products from the USA to customers in the US? Now, there is. Introducing order fulfillment services by USA2Me. Here’s a look at this convenient and affordable way for foreign companies to sell their products in America.

Order Fulfillment Services

USA2Me provides mail forwarding services for individuals and companies that need a US address. But for foreign businesses, they offer a lot more. With order fulfillment services, USA2Me handles the entire ordering process for your US customers, including storing products in your USA inventory, packing the products, and shipping them from a USA return address that they provide for you.

How does it work?

The first step is sending your products to USA2Me, located in Houston, Texas. Once they have your products, you can now start marketing them online via your website or E-Bay. You have complete control over marketing and how you want to present your product to US customers. When a customer order your product, USA2Me processes the order and ships it directly to your client in the USA or anywhere in the world. The return address is located in the US, so it appears as though you have a warehouse, retail shop, or wholesale store in the US. As experienced mail forwarders, USA2Me helps foreign companies reach the USA market with very little risk. The only thing you need to pay for are the products that get shipped.

In addition to order fulfillment services, USA2Me offers a variety of other business services, including online auction management services, virtual office services, tax services, and accounting services.
USA2Me is a company that offers package and USA mail forwarding services, including business services such as order fulfillment services.