Two popular web-based Readers

Web based RSS (Rich Site Summary) Readers aggregate and delivers stories of current events to anyone register with them. In order to get the service one should have Feed Reader or News Aggregator software installed. Unique services available on the Internet have different features and interfaces allowing potential users to choose one or more based on their needs. Many of them are free news Readers and here we explore two of them. With Google cancelling its Google Reader, you may need to find one that suits your platform.

AOL Reader provides a simple and fast RSS service with familiar tags, unread counts and others. Service allows sharing with social networks and allows third party developers to create services and apps. This RSS app purposely designed to be simple so that Google Reader users can convert easily. It is divided into columns for subscriptions, material for reading, and advertisements on the right column. It requires one to take as the home page.

Feedly is a widely used by third party apps as the Reader of their choice. It comes with multiple layers including a featured section that highlight most shared stories within the feed. It is easier to organize and import from others and provide sharing and tagging for later reading. It also offers a service for mobile devices of iOS or Android.