Website Promotion – Know the Basics

Once you have developed your website you need to tell everyone that it is available. If you do just the basics right, you should see traffic starting to flow to your website within a matter of days. Here is how to do it.

Search engine submissions – make sure your website is search engine optimized. Add meta tags, meta and title tags and make sure that the web page is in order. Submit your page at as many search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alta Vista. These search engines will crawl your page, but that could take weeks. Therefore it’s better to submit it manually to see results faster. Here is a good search engine submission company.

Submit to Directories – Submitting your website to directories like Yahoo, Looksmart and AOL means that users of these directories can easily find your website under a specific category. Being listed in a directory also helps with link popularity. Follow the guidelines for submission by the directory owner as your site will be reviewed by humans and will be accepted or rejected based on specific criteria.

Build Link Popularity – Building link popularity is important for search engines to find your site and rank it and for people to navigate to your website. Having a blog means you can link to others while writing and they will most probably link back. Post comments on related stories on other blogs and articles thus creating a link back to your website. A good way to tell how powerful your link popularity is, is to check your Google PageRank. You can read here how Google Pagerank works.

Advertising – once you have used up all the free resources, you can use online advertising to promote your site further. Google, Yahoo and Facebook are great places to start.

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