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Brand reputation management and the media channels

The term brand reputation management has been around for some time now and, over the past year or so, more websites have explored the possibilities of getting away from the hackneyed SEO tag and have embraced the need for brand restoration and management as forms of modern business communications are far broader and personal than reacting to negative posts on Google. A recent article on Mashable spoke with five companies, with each taking a different path to co-ordinating a company’s message on various media classes. Some media types work much better with personalised communications, such as Twitter, with personal customer interactions, suggestions, industry retweets, adventures, film and documentaries, while Facebook seems to lend itself towards more behind-the-scenes content, such as newsletters, Instagram posts, video links, magazine features, Google maps of store locations, product launches, books, customer photos, exclusive discounts for Facebook fans, news updates, etc. So when we talk about brand reputation management it surely isn’t all about mere brand restoration from an unscrupulous business rival or dissatisfied customer. It goes much further than traditional SEO and the manipulation of search engine listings; this involves looking at all the major media channels and deciding what approach should be taken and how to achieve it. In the Mashabale articles, they cited women’s apparel fashion designer Tory Burch as perhaps the best spokesperson on how to achieve this mix, when she opined that “social networks are not best used as a conduit to the brand’s marketing messages, but rather a place for “of the moment” and “off-the-cuff” comments that are “compelling”. Add to this the blog, YouTube promotional videos, Pinterest and Tumblr and you perhaps get to the point where the brand consultant brings scope and understanding of how these media types work to the table. Social communications require a voice that lends itself to feeling a connection with the brand: they want the company to be approachable. But keeping the voice consistent and broadcast in tones relevant across a disparate range of media channels is challenging

Google’s First Page… Guaranteed! – A SPN Exclusive Article

A couple of weeks ago, I visited one of the Internet Marketing/Small Business forums that I’m a member of, and noticed a new member had posted a typical newbie question in the SEO forum. The member wanted to know how she could be guaranteed to get her website on the first page of Google. As usual, members came crawling out of the woodwork with advice – including members who didn’t even own a website. Unfortunately, that’s pretty typical on Internet Marketing/Small Business forums… members who don’t own a website instructing other members how to get on the first page of Google… members who don’t own a business dispensing business advice. So be careful where you get your advice from… but I digress. Not surprisingly, not a single member responded with the correct answer. And what is the correct answer? The correct answer is there is NO magic bullet that will assure a first page ranking on Google. Never has been, never will be.

How To Measure The Return On Investment For Social Media In Marketing

“ROI on Social Media? What bloody ROI?” It’s only the first week of January 2012 and already I’m hearing the same refrain as 2011! “How do we calculate the ROI on social media in marketing?” When you begin using social media in your marketing strategy or as a stand alone campaign, it is hard to determine how those numbers of followers and ‘likers’ stack up against delivery of a return on investment. We have clients who ask us this regularly so here’s some clarity for you. Measuring social media ROI is very difficult for a few reasons. The first is that it is very hard to use social media trackers for individual sales and the second is that social media is not a direct sales channel, it’s a relationship marketing tool.

2012 Resolution – Avoid 7 New Website Legal Compliance Gotchas

Your personal New Year’s resolutions are important. You bet. However, if you’re a SaaS or Internet marketer, your best-laid plans for 2012 may hit the skids if you fail to avoid new website legal compliance gotchas that emerged in 2011. So, It’s highly recommended that you add to your personal resolutions the requirement to review the checklist of critical developments and related gotchas in these 2 categories: privacy and Internet marketing.

Who Owns The Copyright of Work Created By A Contractor? A Trap For The Unwary

It’s really basic: ownership of the copyright in work a business pays for can often be critical for successful commercialization of that work. Unfortunately, the U.S. Copyright contains arcane provisions that will often produce a counter-intuitive result – leaving full copyright ownership with the contractor. How could this possibly be?? Internet attorneys, advisors and businesses cannot afford not to be aware of the applicable laws

Website Marketing Tips

Without good marketing your website might as well not exist. After all, what is the point of a good product if no …