Article Marketing Tips

Article by Pierre Zarokian of iClimber, A social media marketing company
Article marketing by now is a standard practice used by many doing SEO. Not only it generates back links, but also can generate direct traffic to your website. Here are some tips on how to make your article marketing work.

1- Write original content. Do nt write low quality content or recycle other people’s second hand content
2- Submit your article to high authority sites in your industry. These will result in better quality links and traffic to your website.
3- For most effect write as many articles as possibel and submit to as many different places as possible. A minimum of 4 articles monthly is recommended.
4- Do not submit the same exact article to several places, because this will defeat the prupose of link building as Google uses duplicate content filters. However, do make content modification and re-writes of your own article
5- Many bloggers are happy to publisg your articles for free in return for your free content. However, it is good idea to offer them a link back to make the deal more attractive and get more people to publish your articles.
6- Submiting your articles to a lot of article directories is not a good idea, because over time you will have duplicates of your article all over. Instead, submit your article to one or two top article directories and once you see a few people have published it, remove it or change it to a different version. Make sure these directories have a way of allowing you to remove your own article quickly.