Collecting data from users for targeted advertising

Among the delivery methods of Internet marketing, display advertising is the most important method. It conveys a massage visually using many mediums including text, logos, animation, video, photography or other graphics. The effectiveness of the advertisement will be based on several factors. The targeted audience, conveying method, and timing are important for the success. Many advertisements carry what the industry calls as cookies that are imbedded in the advertisement to gather valuable information about the customer. This information is used for scoping and formulating further advertisements to suit the likings of the customer.

Information gathering from visitors to Web sites is important to create a complete picture of the user and additional targeted advertisement will be delivered to the user. This is known as behavioral targeting in the marketing industry. Other methods of advertising such as retargeting and contextual advertising are common methods of gathering and developing internet marketing advertisements. Geographic location of the user can also be collected and that information is critical for many local businesses. Even mobile Internet user locations can be tracked by using GPS and cell tower data. This is how they provide you with sponsored as well as other recommended information when you look for a restaurant on the go.