Why you need to make your Website more natural

Search engines such as Google are constantly changing to get away from being a dictionary and become more human like. It is trying to understand natural language queries. Many think that search engines are trying to get more semantic, meaning using main keyword along with some descriptive words.

The rational is more and more searches are using what naturally comes to them instead of more structured phrases. Instead of using phrases such as “Mexican food in any town” some semantic search may say “which is the best Mexican restaurant in any town.” Google is using not just the keyword, but also ones that have a similar meaning. This is why your content needs to get more semantic. This helps your Web site to get ranking and pulled to the top of the search results.

Semantic data is easy to add to any existing Web pages. All Web sites have a header area, navigation bar, sometimes a sidebar, content area, and footer. Also included are text, images, and video. This is pretty much what we call HTML. To this, other unseen code that has certain meaning can be easily added. They are called semantic tagging vocabulary and they come in many forms. All major search engines prefer schema.org semantic tagging and the Web site provides additional information.