Don’t just stop at Google, use social media to advertise

Article written by A Tech Inc

When businesses are fighting for Google search engine ranking, they only consider blogging as a way to get a higher ranking. Don’t get me wrong; blogging is an excellent way to get a higher ranking. But a business can go few steps further to get new business opportunities on other social media rather than just relying on Google. Don’t just stop at Google. ComScore who keep track of online marketing traffic data reveals that several million customers are logging onto social media to find best online deals. So why not use social media to improve your business exposure?

Merge your business with social media. It provides a way for you to promote new product advertising. Use your Twitter account to tweet company news, product announcements and new releases. Businesses can also use unique videos and fun demonstrations on YouTube to reach new and existing customers. Many businesses are also uploading videos to Flickr, Facebook’s Fanpage or use even Digg. Make sure you always update all your online social media profiles. Linking these sites will also help you to get your business news, videos, new product releases to many customers as quickly as possible. Use any feedback you get from social media sites to your advantage.