Twitter tips to make your account work for you

Written by Pierre Zarokian.

Social media provides powerful tools to market your business regardless whether you are selling goods or providing a service. Here are few ways you can use Twitter to market your product.

Use key words in your tweets. You know key words are more important to get a higher ranking on Google and other search engines. Keywords are the backbone of content. Keywords continued to be relevant and increase Web traffic to your site. Make a list of keywords that best describe your service or business and use them when you compose a 140-word Twitter post.

Conversations are good to promote your business or service. However, sharing links can generate more visitors to your Web site than @replies. Once again your content should be in excellent quality and taste not only to attract customers but also to retain them.

Use search features to your advantage. Twitter tools such as HootSuite can be used to watch conversations about a problem. Inject what solutions your business can provide to solve it. This opens up a door for someone to get into your business Web site. Having links to great articles about the issue may work for you. Once the customer is in you can keep them interested by providing quality content on your site.