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Submit Express CEO Pierre Zarokian Discusses Controversial Yelp Case

Imagine that your business is receiving phone calls from Yelp, unsolicited, trying to sell advertising space. How many times do you have to say “no thank you” until you finally reach the end of your patience? One business wants “no” to mean “no” in every aspect.

Reputation Fighters Helps Small Businesses Kick Down Bad Reviews

Pierre Zarokian, founder and president of Submit Express, is now launching his new firm Reputation Fighters. Offering superior online reputation management with over 14 years of experience, Reputation Fighters could be the boost that your business has been looking for.

Your Ezine Publishing Questions Answered

Ezine or newsletter publishing is an essential element of your online business. Ezines allow you to keep in contact with your prospective customers and to build relationships of trust and respect. Relationship building is the foundation of your online business and producing a quality ezine or newsletter can help you accomplish this. Over the years I have been asked many questions about how to publish and ezine. Below are many of the most common questions people have asked. Q: What is an ezine? An ezine is simply an electronic newsletter or magazine emailed periodically to a list of opt-in subscribers. Opt-in means these subscribers have signed up for and given permission for you to send your ezine. Q: To whom do I send my ezine

The 10 Commandments for Online Marketing Success – A SPN Exclusive Article

Just like there are reckless and foolhardy methods you can use that will absolutely assure marketing failure, conversely, there are sound, proven, time-tested techniques that will greatly enhance your chance for marketing success. Following are The 10 Commandments For Online Marketing Success… 1. Thou Shall Have a Clear Vision and Goal There’s an age old proverb by Thomas Edison that famously states: “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Truer words have never been spoken. You need to have a plan before you start a business. Why is a business plan so important? Because a properly constructed business plan is like a roadmap to your goals – a GPS if you will.

5 Things Your Press Releases Should Be Doing — A SPN Exclusive Article

Submitting press releases has become the new “in” thing for internet marketers. Sure, press releases are a great way to gain exposure and build quality backlinks for your website. However, this entire strategy is based on the assumption that you’re publishing the right kinds of press releases. If you’re dealing with quality press releases, they should be doing these 5 things: 1. Providing Information – Not a Sales Pitch This is the single biggest reason that press releases wind up in the garbage! By definition, a press release’s job is to inform the media of something new, not to sound like an infomercial. When I was in the news biz, we had an all-too-commonly used phrase when we received press releases like this – “send ‘em a rate card.” After all, what you’re really doing by publishing that salesy press release is asking for free exposure on their station, on their website, or in their newspaper. Instead, you’d be better off asking for a rate card – or, the card that TV stations and newspapers use to determine advertising rates. From an internet marketing perspective, many of the good press release distribution websites will not accept your release if it sounds like a sales pitch.

7 Dangerous Lies Your SEO Content Writer is Telling You – A SEO-News Exclusive Article

Now that we’re living in a world where Pandas are something to be feared and relevant links are worth their weight in gold, there is an even bigger focus on quality SEO content writing. The only problem? Far too many of the content writers out there can’t actually write! As a result, they prey on people like you – hoping you’ll believe their promises and never notice that they don’t actually have any talent. Sadly, the odds are high that you’ve been lied to by an SEO content writer. Heck, you may have been told several lies! There are some real doozies being told out there, but these 7 are the most common – and they’re also the most damaging to your business: 1. “I don’t outsource any of my work.” This is a classic example of the ol’ “bait and switch.” Lots of SEO content writers promise that they (or a trusted associate) personally handle all of the writing. Then, they outsource the work to the far-reaches of the globe – and you wind up being the poor sap that gets stuck with content that’s not even remotely close to what you were expecting

Local Advertising: Devising an Online Strategy That Suits You

Experts squawk about Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube, designing websites, and a whole litany of online and social media possibilities, but not all of them make sense for every single business. When it comes to local advertising, small business owners must seriously consider how to concentrate their efforts. While we all must utilize the internet and social media to some extent, what will be most effective for one owner, may be a waste of time for another. By reflecting on some key issues, devising a successful local advertising strategy becomes less about what everyone else says and more about what you truly want and need. Before you embark upon any online advertising initiatives, you must decide whether you are going to do it yourself, delegate someone in house, or out source it. All of these are perfectly valid options, but you need to consider whether you have the technical expertise, time, and money to support your decision, whatever it happens to be. Initially, it may be difficult for you to gauge your resources and exactly what this undertaking will require

SEO Tips for E-commerce Sites

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t easy for any website, and e-commerce sites have some unique SEO challenges to overcome. These tips will help you tackle your e-commerce site’s SEO so you can rank higher in search engine results and get more visitors, customers and sales for your online store. 1. Create Unique Content on Each of Your Product and Product Category Pages Interesting, unique content tells Google a page is valuable, and helps it rank higher.

Targeting and Engaging Your True Audience – A SPN Exclusive Article

Successfully capturing readers’ attention is critical to transform your blog from a part-time hobby into a powerful web resource. To take the giant leap into influencer-status, you must identify your target audience, understand their interests and desires, and credibly deliver quality content. So how do you get there? Many successful bloggers I know, think of their blogs like entrepreneurial ventures. Why? Effective entrepreneurs set goals, determine how to reach them, and make adjustments to keep themselves moving towards their target. You should take the same approach with your blog. Web publishers must know their customers and constantly hone their message and approach to move ahead of the pack