Building a gaming PC

8Written by Costbuys

Building a gaming PC is a little more complicated than just buying a computer and adding on parts. The ideal specifications of parts that go into a gaming PC are quite different from that of an average computer. There are of course special gaming specific computers that you can buy, but they come at a much higher price than you would pay for the same spec in a “non-gaming” PC. Here are the basics of what you will need to look out for when assembling one:


This will make the biggest difference. Faster storage will mean less potential stutter during games, faster load times and faster level changes. There are three options here: The first is to go with the faster SSD storage. It is expensive and since games require a lot more storage now, means multiple drives. The second option is to go with a bunch of normal drives and RAID for speed. The last option is actually a combination of the first two, RAID with SSD drives. When shopping online buy the best combination of price to performance.


A good graphics card is just as important but should be limited to the monitor you use. There is no point getting a card that can push a 4K display without one. If you have a 4K display get the best possible graphics card on the market that you can afford.


When it comes to RAM anything above 16GB of RAM is fine. You will also find that going above 16GB of RAM will also force certain motherboard and CPU choices. Shop online for the best combinations that are sold together.


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