Effective email marketing techniques

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of direct marking, especially for online businesses. Here are some tips on how to successfully carry out an email marketing campaign.

Get permission

Have customers sign in to avoid CAN-SPAM penalties. Sign in can be done on the website. If there are complaints of spam generating from your site you risk being blacklisted by the ISP’s.

Decide on the customer base you are targeting

Once this is decided on you can create an e mail to target the group. Include a subscriber link in the emails you send so that people who are not signed in and reading it can subscribe. Encourage your existing clients to sign up their friends.
Be persistent

Make sure you stay in touch with your clients at least once a month in order to build up a relationship. The first email should be an introductory one where the customer sings up and gives permission for further communication, the second email should explain the benefits such as discounts, coupon’s and information you will make available and from the third letter you should deliver.

Design the email

Use flat text with links to your website as graphics, animations and logos can be blocked.