The Importance of Landing Page Design

A landing page is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. It is the web page people “land” on after searching online, selecting an email link, or clicking on an ad online. Why is landing page design so important? Because even if a website ranks high in the search engine results page, the wrong landing page design will not lead to conversions; and we all know that a conversion is the ultimate goal of any internet marketing campaign.

A quality landing page design has the power to turn mere “browsers into buyers,” a common phrase in the internet marketing industry. A conversion can be anything from purchasing a product, completing an online form, or downloading something from the website. But with only mere seconds to convince your browser to follow through with your call to action, it is important to wow them with an effective landing page design. This is where landing page design optimization comes into the picture.

Is there one way to design a landing page? While there might not be the perfect landing page design, internet marketing professionals are constantly testing out new campaigns and tactics in order to produce the most powerful landing page design. However, the best way to find out is to test the landing page. This means understanding web design, analytics and data. For example, some design factors that help conversation rates include the layout and flow of the web page.

While you can try to do it yourself, proper landing page optimization and testing can be done through an internet marketing firm, such as Submit Express. Located in Burbank, CA, Submit Express provides site owners with effective landing page optimization services that serve both the business owner and the online user.