A Few Tips for Building Links

Quality backlinks are what all websites target. Getting those backlinks is, however, another story. Here are a few methods that can help you in this venture.

1. Be active – Get onto some forums where you can contribute and start posting answers. Ensure that your link is contained within the signature section and you instantly have loads of backlinks. Do not spam and do not post stupid things – the admin will throw you off the site.

2. Spy – Pick a keyword and do a search. Note the URL’s of the top five results. Now type in the following – “link:website” – into Google, where “website” is the URL of one of the sites you noted. This command will show you all the sites that are linking to your competitors. Knowing where there links are coming from will give you a few ideas as to where you should go to get quality links.

3. Articles – Article marketing is another great way to build backlinks. All you have to do is write a few articles with your URL in the resource box area and you have instant backlinks. Ensure that the article has some quality to it and also keep writing regularly.

4. Directories – There are plenty of free directories out there. So go out there and register yourself in every one. Not only will this increase your backlink, it will also bring in traffic from those sites.

5. Blog – Start blogging and respond to other people’s blogs. This is almost the same as taking part in a forum. Once again, do not spam or post unnecessary things.

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