Landing Page Optimization Tips

A well structured landing page is an essential item in online sales. There are many common mistakes that people make which can be avoided. The following are a few tips that can help you improve your landing page.

1. Avoid the home page – Do not direct your links to your home page. You do not want the customer to navigate through all the links on the home page to get to the product page they need to get to.

2. Avoid a generic page – Following on from the point above, do not have a general landing page. Always have a specific landing page for each specific product. Your potential customer is there because they want a specific product, so don’t lose their attention.

3. Optimize clarity – Structure the page; have information pertinent only to the product that is supposed to be on the page.

4. PPC to landing page – Try to have a pay-per-click ad that directly links to your landing page. This will help you form an instant connection with your customers.

5. Grab info slowly – Customers will not be willing to share everything you need to know about them in one go. Get little chunks of information out of them, one at a time.

6. Lose the clutter – Don’t load the page with lots of images. You can lose customers if they have to wait for the page to load.

7. Don’t sell again – If your customer is at the landing page, you have already done most of the selling. What you do from here has to be subtle. Give them plenty of information about the product because that is what they are looking for at that point. Do not try to hard sell here or you will drive them away.

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