Send a Better Message to Your Opt-In List

Selling products online requires many talents. The power of persuasion is one of them. What you tell your potential customers should, at least, make them want to check out the product themselves. Rather than take some review and write a promo message based on that, try to give it a personal touch.

Buy the product that you are reviewing. Experience it for yourself so that you can give an accurate description of what it is like. You will be able to tell your followers of the good and bad points from a firsthand perspective, which will be appreciated by them. Even though you will have to spend some money and time initially, the money you earn later through the volume of sales will make it negligible.

If you are good at negotiating, then you may be able get the product free. Talk about a joint venture with the person who created the product. Explain to them about your opt-in list and they will definitely be interested in getting their product promoted. All you have to do is to work out the percentage that you will get from each sale and carry on from there.

While you are testing the product, try to record the process on video. By sending the video or a link to the video on your mailer, you will not only gain credibility but you will also help the people on your opt-in list.

As you can see, by taking a few simple steps you can improve the power of the message you are sending out. By sending a compelling message you will increase the lure to buy. When that lure proves to be irresistible, your sales figures will improve drastically.

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